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The Dangers of Social Media Addiction: How Instagram is Distracting Young Teens

A study declares that our young teenager is distracted from real-life interaction through social media platforms. It transformed the lifestyle of millions of teens to prioritize social media by ignoring their friends, family, or routine work. Many of them engaged on social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube, causing depression, loneliness, and anxiety.

Therefore, you have to consider this issue to resolve the online protection of your children. Now keep reading and know about this issue in detail.

Statics report on teen social media

Newport academy reveals a survey report on social media and teens’ behaviors. 76% of teens engage on social media, rated 52% on Instagram, 71% on FB, 41% on Snapchat, 33% addicted to Twitter, and 14% use a tumbler. And Almost 24% of teens are constantly online and 92% use social media daily.

77% of parents believe their young teens are district by smartphones when they are together. 59% say their teens are addicted to digital devices. And nearly 50% of parents agree that their teens are addicted to

The dangers of social media addiction

Social media addiction is a behavioral disorder that leads to young teens entering the online world. This releases too much social media consumption left with negative consequences. Using a combination of different social media platforms feels good and leads to loneliness, low self-esteem, emotional or physical abuse, and many other negative impacts.

How Instagram distracting to young teens


Instagram has many built-in features to grab users’ intention. That’s why it considers the most powerful platform with billions of current users and has gained popularity. Like other people, teens also spend almost 7 to 8 hours a day performing different activities. In the end, teens usually spend unlimited hours ignoring their real-life obligation.

Stress & anxiety

Oh,’’ sad! The Instagram attraction allows communication and updates about others. Making a part of this platform enables people to approach anyone’s life lurking to see how their life is going. As well as maximum sharing of your activities with the excitement of people like it. So, too much consuming Instagram in your life can negatively affect make, such as fear of fewer like.

Loss of healthy sleep routine

Login after every minute can disturb your sleep routine. They never achieve their ideal sleep routine when they use incoming notifications at midnight. It’s not only about a night’s sleep. It associates health and can affect your mental health, such as depression, anxiety, and aggressive behavior with long-term mental illness.

How to help teens

You find a way to track your teens to measure the safety of the online world. Undoubtedly, social media and Instagram have dropped several dangerous online effects. Being a parent, it’s your responsibility to deal with Instagram’s distraction on young youth.

Encourage teens to the family gathering.

This is particularly important in dealing with social media depression or social abuse. Encourage family gatherings to face-to-face communication.

Manage their screen time.

Instagram is a social media platform to entertain you like others. It’s problematic when it gains your ideal time of day in posting and sharing reels. Always focus on expecting the notifications to be online. Thus, maintaining the balance between screen time and real-time means focusing on real-life to manage their future goals.

Teach what’s not okay.

Don’t try to encourage your teens when they use Instagram to spread rumors or bully anyone into damaging their goodwill image. Instead, explain to use the safe side of media and avoid them sharing inappropriate content.

Use the parental control app.

And most important is to use parental control apps for teens’ safety. It helps you to view teen activities such as text chats, social media apps, live GPS location, camera hacking, or device tracking. Further, it can help to track Instagram DM, share media files, view live screen activities, and follow. For this, you must install TheOneSpy monitoring app for your teen Instagram tracking App.


However, protect your young teens from social media dangers and Instagram distractions with TheOneSpy app. it serves the digital well-being of your kids and teens. So, it’s required to subscribe to prevent teens from Instagram distraction.

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