“Eden of the East” (Higashi no Eden) is a popular Japanese anime series created by Kenji Kamiyama and produced by Production I.G. The series, which debuted in 2009, quickly gained a dedicated fan base due to its intriguing storyline, well-developed characters, and the seamless blend of mystery, thriller, and social commentary. For new viewers, understanding the correct order to watch the series can enhance the viewing experience. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of how to watch “Eden of the East” in the correct chronological order.

1. Eden of the East (TV Series)

The journey begins with the TV series, which consists of 11 episodes. It aired from April to June 2009 and sets the stage for the entire story. Watching the TV series first is crucial as it introduces the main characters, the premise, and the central mysteries that drive the plot forward.

Synopsis: The story begins with Saki Morimi, a Japanese woman on a graduation trip to the United States, where she encounters a mysterious man named Akira Takizawa. Takizawa has lost his memory and possesses a cellphone loaded with 8.2 billion yen and a command to “save Japan.” The series follows their efforts to uncover Takizawa’s identity and the secrets behind the enigmatic “Seleção” game.

2. Eden of the East: The King of Eden (Movie)

Following the TV series, the story continues with the first movie, “Eden of the East: The King of Eden.” This film picks up six months after the events of the TV series and dives deeper into the ongoing mysteries.

Synopsis: Takizawa has disappeared after declaring himself the “King of Japan.” Saki and the Eden of the East team search for him in the United States. Their investigation reveals more about the Seleção game and the other players involved.

3. Eden of the East: Paradise Lost (Movie)

The second movie, “Eden of the East: Paradise Lost,” concludes the story. It directly follows the events of “The King of Eden” and wraps up the narrative arcs introduced in both the TV series and the first film.

Synopsis: Takizawa and Saki return to Japan to confront the remaining Seleção and uncover the true nature of the game. The film addresses the unresolved questions and provides a satisfying conclusion to the series’ overarching plot.

Specials and Additional Content

While the TV series and two movies form the core of “Eden of the East,” there are a few additional pieces of content that can enhance the viewing experience.

Eden of the East Compilation: Air Communication – This is a compilation film that condenses the 11-episode TV series into a movie format with some additional scenes. It is not essential for new viewers but can serve as a refresher for those who have already watched the series.

Recommended Viewing Order

To fully appreciate the narrative and character development, it is recommended to watch “Eden of the East” in the following order:

  1. Eden of the East (TV Series)
  2. Eden of the East: The King of Eden (Movie)
  3. Eden of the East: Paradise Lost (Movie)

This order ensures that you follow the story as it was intended, from the introduction of characters and the initial mystery to the unfolding of the plot and the final resolution.

Understanding the Story

“Eden of the East” is a complex series that combines elements of mystery, thriller, and social commentary. Here are some key aspects to keep in mind while watching:

The Seleção Game: Central to the plot is the Seleção game, where 12 individuals, called Seleção, are given 10 billion yen and a cellphone. They must use these resources to save Japan in some manner. Each Seleção has access to Juiz, an advanced AI that can fulfill almost any request. The catch is that the game ends when the money runs out, and the Seleção who fails to “save Japan” will be eliminated.

Themes of Social Responsibility: The series delves into themes such as social responsibility, the impact of technology on society, and the moral implications of wielding immense power. Through Takizawa and other Seleção’s actions, the series explores different visions for Japan’s future and critiques various aspects of modern society.

Character Development: The relationship between Saki and Takizawa is central to the story. As they navigate the challenges posed by the Seleção game, their bond grows, and their characters develop significantly. The series also features a diverse cast of supporting characters, each with their own motivations and backstories that contribute to the overall narrative.

Final Thoughts

“Eeden of the East” is a thought-provoking and entertaining series that has left a lasting impact on anime fans worldwide. Watching it in the correct order is essential to understanding the intricate plot and appreciating the depth of its characters and themes. Starting with the TV series and then moving on to the two movies provides a coherent and engaging narrative experience.

Whether you are new to anime or a seasoned fan, “Eden of the East” offers a unique and compelling story that is well worth the watch. Enjoy your journey through this captivating series!

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