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Did you know over 3,370 burglaries happen in the US every day? This is a shocking statistic, and it’s no wonder many Americans are wondering how they can protect their homes.

But what are the most effective home security ideas that you can use to put off burglars and safeguard your property? You may not be familiar with the latest protection strategies, and finding out the best tips can help you create a practical house security plan.

By the end of this post, you’ll know about several fantastic ideas you can put in place to secure your home.

Add Exterior Lighting

When considering how to protect your home, it’s a good idea to start outside. Intruders will have to find a way to approach your property, and this could mean they need to cross your yard.

This will be much easier for them if your backyard is in darkness. But, if you install motion-activated exterior lights, would-be burglars may decide it’s not worth the risk to try and make it to your home.

In addition, if you have trees or shrubs that could give cover for intruders, you can cut these back to allow for better illumination over your entire backyard area.

Install a Secure Mailbox

One of the simplest home security solutions is to use a lockable and reinforced mailbox to protect your letters and other important documents that are delivered when you’re out. If you leave mail unprotected, thieves could access your letters and use your personal information to access your bank account.

While this is not what comes to mind when most people think of a typical burglary, this type of crime can have severe consequences. By making it harder for criminals to take your letters, you can protect yourself from identity theft and safeguard your financial details.

Use an Intercom System

Many burglaries happen when homes are unoccupied, but criminals may also try to force their way into your home when you answer the door. This can be a frightening experience and could result in you suffering harm as well as being a victim of theft.

By using an intercom system, you can find out who is at your door while remaining at a safe distance. Most systems now allow you to see who is there on a monitor while you speak to them, and you can even do this remotely if you are not at home.

This means you don’t need to open your door unless you are certain it is safe to do so.

Secure Your Garage

Burglars will exploit any weakness, and they may try to enter your property through your garage. Although you might check that your home’s windows and doors are locked before you leave your house or go to bed at night, you could forget about your garage’s access points.

For example, a garage window might be left open, or it might not have a strong lock. An intruder could then break in and use a connecting door to walk into your house.

Therefore, it’s important to review your garage’s security setup. You can then upgrade any aspects that could be vulnerable.

Install a Home Security System

The gold standard in home protection measures is installing a top-quality security system. The modern technology used today not only alerts you when the equipment detects a security breach, but it also allows you to monitor your home from anywhere in the world. You can even activate your house lights to make it seem like you’re at home even if you’re at work or on vacation thousands of miles away.

If you’re looking to provide your property with the best protection, search for Home Security Boise and get in touch with the professionals.

Use a Home Safe

Should an intruder gain entry to your home, this doesn’t mean the loss of your possessions is inevitable. You can take further precautions to make it more challenging for thieves to steal your belongings, and a home safe can be a great addition to your home.

If you have a safe, it only takes a few moments to store items such as jewelry or financial documents so they are harder to access. It’s also a good idea to bolt your safe to the floor and buy a fireproof model for added protection.

This will give you the reassurance that your valuables are secure even if an intruder was to break into your property.

Join a Neighborhood Watch Group

Joining a neighborhood watch group can be a simple way to improve your residential security measures. You’ll know that friendly neighbors are keeping an eye on your home, and you can share information if you were to see strangers spending time around your location.

If criminals are aware there is a neighborhood watch scheme in place, they may also be more likely to move on to other areas that don’t have as much protection.

Protect Your Property With These Home Security Solutions

There are plenty of excellent home security ideas you can use to safeguard your property. Having a smart alarm system can be a powerful deterrent, and lighting up your yard can make it more difficult for intruders to access your house. It can also be useful to have a safe where you can keep valuables, and being part of a neighborhood watch scheme can give you added peace of mind.

By being proactive in putting security solutions in place, you can make it less likely that burglars will target your home.

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