Right now you all will be in the mood for the summer holidays. The spring is gone and long hours of sunshine are here, so what better time than now to head to the beaches? If you have planned your holidays well in advance, you would have booked your flight tickets to the summer vacation resorts, unless you already live in one. Most airlines allow you to book your flights eleven months in advance and if you are a good planner you may have got your air tickets through Cyber Monday Flight Deals last year. Though these are in the winter months, the Monday after Thanksgiving Day, most people will take the advantage of offers on this day not just for their winter breaks but for their expeditions in the next year too.

All from the comfort of your home

This year Cyber Monday will be on the 2nd of December and it will follow the Black Friday, sales that are more physical. While for Black Friday sales, you will have to be in queues for your favorite items, Cyber Monday refers to online sales. Nowadays, nobody goes to the airport offices for their flight tickets, so when everything is on sale on this day, you can expect some offers on Cyber ​​Monday airfares too. Most travel advisors will recommend that you book domestic flights 2 months in advance and international flights 3 months in advance. So, these sales will allow you to get your flights at lower rates and you can book these as early as you may want to. 

Summer or winter

Most of you will prefer to go on your annual holidays in summer. You will have picked a destination and will be finalizing everything for your trip. There are though people who will not be able to get some time off or will prefer winter trips over summer breaks. They will have the Christmas trips on their mind. You will have the option of booking flights for these now or you could wait for good seasonal offers that come your way as the day approaches. If you prefer to be on the safer side in terms of availability, you should book your flights now as more of these will be available and this will give you a lot of choices in terms of the dates of your round-trip flights and the time of the day you wish to board the aircraft. 

The ways of finding cheap winter flights

If you are not sure whether you will go on a holiday at the end of the year or not, of course you can delay your decision. Christmas and New Year days are a time of fun and enjoyment for the airline industry too and they will be offering Christmas air tickets for less. However, these will be selling like hot potatoes, and you will have to be quick in not just finding them, but booking them too. Most airlines and Online Travel agencies will come up with such offers at least a month in advance, but the available seats on offer will get booked within a week of these announcements being made. 

Delay booking at your own risk

However, if for any reason you are not able to find the desired flights, you will need to be flexible with the flights. If you are not able to find flights to the major airport of a city, you should look for flights to the minor airports or those in nearby cities. The winter breaks are not as long as the summer breaks, so you will be stricter with your choice of flight dates, but you may have to be flexible with these to reach your chosen destination. Your dreams of cheap flights for Christmas, may not materialize if you don’t book these early or if you miss out on the offers when they are announced. One thing that may work out is that instead of going to a major winter resort you travel to a not-so-well-known, but equally good destination.


The flights are limited and so are the number of seats on them. Finding last-minute flights can seem like a dream if you are going to a major destination. If you fly regularly with a particular airline, you should enroll in their frequent flyers program as the more of these you have the more benefits you will get. And one of these is that you will get to book your flights no matter how late you are. You will even be able to fly in the expensive cabins, which you will be able to afford with the reward points you have earned. They will try to get you a seat whenever possible.

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