After a long day of work, you are eager to relax on your couch and watch television. You feel so relaxed and comfy in that piece of furniture. But have you ever considered how much pollution your sofa contains? Dust mites, bacteria, and dust particles damage your sofa. Not to mention the accumulation of dust following a sandstorm. Experts recommend cleaning your sofa every six months not only to keep it clean but also to extend its life.

Brilliant Cleaning method for sofas and upholstery:

Via our experienced cleaners, Brilliant Cleaning offers affordable sofa cleaning in Dubai. We clean, sanitize, and remove all stains from your sofa to make it look like new. Listed below is our sofa cleaning procedure:

Our skilled team inspects your sofa meticulously to assess its construction, fiber content, backing material, and fillings. It aids us in determining the most effective cleaning methods and supplies.

Wet mud removal:

After a thorough examination, the sofa is vacuumed with an industrial vacuum cleaner to eliminate dirt, sand, and dust. A turbine-powered hand tool is used to vibrate the sofa’s surface to loosen dirt and filth. Moreover, it eliminates pet hair and other microscopic solid particles that adhered to the fabric.

Using the proper chemical agents, any stains or spots are removed.

After the stains have been removed, an appropriate cleaning agent is sprayed over the sofa and agitated. The solution is then applied delicately to the cloth in order to penetrate the fibers and eliminate any grease or oil that has adhered to it.


At this stage, hot water extraction equipment is utilized to remove the water and cleaning agents. We use machinery with two suction motors to collect as much water and cleaning solution as possible, hence reducing the drying time.

All Dubai upholstery services:

In addition to offering the finest sofa upholstery in Dubai, we also offer several other services, such as transforming your old couch into a new one and sprucing up the interior of any space by supplying the finest blinds, curtains, and upholstery alternatives. The following services can be provided by our in-house team of skilled upholsterers and specialists:

• Mattress upholstery

• Upholstery foam for sofas

• Upholstery fabric for a sofa

• Upholstery on a leather sofa

 • Curtains and floor coverings

 • Blinds

 • Outdoor cushions

• Outdoor protective covers

We guarantee the timely completion of upholstery work of the highest quality. We offer in-home consultations, couch delivery, and curtain and blind installation.

Our devoted team of specialists and skilled upholsterers is here to assist you wherever you are in Dubai. We employ professional upholsterers with clean criminal records. Contact us immediately to enjoy our services.

Dubai Sofa Cleaning & Shampooing

It is crucial to have your sofa professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Moving into a new property is another reason to thoroughly clean the sofa before sitting on it.

Airborne bacteria and germs persist in the environment and cause health concerns. Thorough shampooing and vacuum extraction are utilized in our professional sofa cleaning, which is significantly more successful than conventional procedures at eliminating bacteria, germs, stains, and even odors.

Brilliant Cleaning takes into account the requirements of each customer and provides simple, prompt, and effective service. Our support staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the service can be scheduled at your convenience. We provide the best cleaning services for fabric and leather sofas in Dubai.

Motives for cleaning your sofa:

To prolong the life of your sofa:

Every day, we spend considerable time sitting on the sofa. Regrettably, sofas become soiled, necessitating frequent professional cleaning services. You will soon be able to unwind on a newly cleaned and aesthetically pleasing sofa.

To eliminate ingrained stains and spots:

The accumulation of pet hair, coffee, wine, and other stains on your couch over time renders soaping and washing useless. Casual cleaning equipment and supplies are incapable of completely cleaning upholstery. Couch-washing specialists at Brilliant Cleaning in Dubai are able to remove any stain.

To guarantee the health and safety of your apartment:

The upholstery of your sofa may become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Brilliant Cleaning’s disinfectants are effective against allergen-causing microorganisms. Unavoidably, pets will leave pollen on your sofa, which is quite tough to clean. We only use natural products that are not only environmentally friendly but also safe and non-allergenic for your entire family and circle of friends.

Services for the Thorough Cleaning of Couches:

Our skilled sofa cleaning and shampooing service employ a methodical approach for optimal outcomes.

The procedure is as follows:

• Thorough vacuuming of a sofa to eliminate all stains and dust

• We choose the suitable product for a sofa’s fabric based on its composition. Because we care about the environment, we utilize shampoos and disinfectants made from natural ingredients.

• Germs may spread if residual moisture remains after washing. To safeguard you against microorganisms, we dry the sofa.

• To clean, wash, and dry sofas, we utilize specialized equipment.

Brilliant Cleaning provides the most reasonably-priced upholstery cleaning and shampooing services in Dubai. Call us immediately for expert advice.

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