5 Plumbing Tips That All New Homeowners Should Know About

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5 Plumbing Tips That All New Homeowners Should Know About

Did you know there are about 537,211 plumbers in the United States? Responsible for household, commercial, and industrial plumbing, it’s not surprising that plumbers are in such high demand. But if you just bought a new home and don’t know your P-trap from your sweat joint, plumbing can be more than intimidating.

Don’t worry! We’re here with a quick and easy guide on plumbing tips for new homeowners. Armed with the information in this short guide, you’ll be hauling out a pipe wrench in no time.

1. Unclogging Drains

One of the best plumbing tips to all new homeowners should know is to get into the habit of regularly running hot water down their sink and shower drains. This will help to prevent clogs and buildups that can cause back-ups and spills. Additionally, you’ll want to avoid letting fats, oils, and grease get into your drains, as these can cause clogs.

Plumbing and heating are important components of your home that should not be overlooked. If you find a clog or blockage, you should try to dissolve it using a homemade solution of baking soda and vinegar.

2. Maintenance And Prevention Of Pipe Corrosion

To prevent decay, inspect pipes regularly and check for signs of rust. Use non-flammable corrosion inhibitors to keep your pipes in top shape, and make sure that your water pressure isn’t too high, as this can cause corrosion over time.

Make sure that you use soft water to prevent the corrosion of metal pipes. Soft water is naturally alkaline and can neutralize acids in plumbing systems.

3. Uncovering Leaks Without Damage

When uncovering leaks without damaging your home, one of the best plumbing tips that all new homeowners should know. If there is a musty smell, discolored walls or finishes, or wet spots, there could be a potential leak. Another way to detect leaks without damaging your home is to turn on all of the faucets and inspect the pipes.

If you don’t see any signs of a leak, you may still be able to detect it with a water meter. This is done by shutting off water to the entire home and reading the meter to see if it changes.

4. Don’t flush Anything That Isn’t Toilet Paper

It’s important for all new homeowners to understand the importance of not flushing anything other than toilet paper. Materials like wipes, napkins, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, cotton balls, and more can lead to serious plumbing-related problems. These items don’t break down in the water like toilet paper and can lead to clogs in pipes, drains, and even the toilet.

This can lead to expensive repairs or replacements of parts.

5. Saving Money on Installation Costs

It is essential to always use professional plumbers for major jobs that involve cutting into the home. This will help to avoid costly repairs due to improper installations. For minor jobs like faucet installation and minor pipe repairs, getting a few basic plumbing tools may help save money.

Preventing clogs is important in order to avoid major plumbing catastrophes in the future.

Avoid Problems With These Plumbing Tips

By following the above plumbing tips, new homeowners can prevent plumbing issues in their homes and keep their plumbing systems in good condition. If you ever have any questions or are in doubt about any plumbing repairs/maintenance, it is always best to consult with a local professional.

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