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Are you looking for the perfect place for a getaway in the mountains? Whether you want a destination for adventure or peace, this guide can help you!

Everyone needs a break from the bustling city life once in a while. Or maybe you want to take some time off from your usual routine. A mountain trip is one way to fulfill those desires. But how do you choose the right one?

We’ll walk you through thirteen dream vacation spots in the mountains to help you find your ideal destination. Let’s begin.

1. Vail, Colorado

You probably know about the famous Vail Ski Resort in Colorado. But if you visit during the summer, it turns into a whole new destination for vacations.

Some of the cool stuff you can find at Vail past the winter include golf courses, fishing, hiking trails passing the Rocky Mountains, and many other events.

You can find some of the largest ski resorts in the state with over 5,000 acres of land to ski on. For many people, it’s one of the best places to visit when it starts snowing.

2. Gatlinburg, Tennessee

If you’re looking for vacation spots in the mountains for the whole family, Gatlinburg is a strong candidate. Besides enjoying time in the mountains, you can find lots of kid-friendly activities.

A few to note are mountain coasters and a massive aquarium! You can even head to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park for more outdoor fun.

If you’re a fan of visiting famous names, it’s a big plus that Dollywood, Dolly Parton’s theme park, is only a short drive away.

3. Lake Placid, New York

Lake Placid can either become a winter wonderland or a great summer escape. If you’re into skiing and snowboarding, you’ll be thrilled to hear about how the Winter Olympics happened here twice.

You’ll find an Olympic museum, featuring exhibits, displays, and collections related to the Winter Olympics. This makes it an ideal destination for ski and sports fans alike. You get to get a dose of Olympic history and enjoy a fun getaway at the same time.

Even in the summer, you can take part in sports by the lake, like paddle boarding or whitewater rafting. If you’re up for a challenge, try hiking the 46 Adirondack High Peaks!

4. Aspen, Colorado

A list of the best mountain vacation spots won’t be completed without an Aspen, Colorado entry. It comes with a little bit of something for everyone and anyone.

You can find a broad range of slopes, shopping stores, restaurants, and luxury hotels. You might even find a rental home in the area.

Aside from Aspen’s winter activity accommodation, it’s also popular for having a broad range of luxury boutiques and stores. You can also find a few exclusive art galleries here and there.

5. Breckenridge, Denver

If you’re looking for a scenic mountain view, Breckenridge is the ideal spot for you. While many people visit the destination for skiing, it offers opportunities for other outdoor sports.

Many recommend Breckenridge as an excellent ski destination just as much as they would suggest Vail or Aspen. Despite being a former mining town, it now attracts several travelers from across the world.

You can hike, bike, or take a gondola ride to the top of the mountain. To top it off, you get a mesmerizing view of the mountains at night. You can also check out mountain vacation rental homes nearby if you won’t be camping out.

6. Hot Springs, Arkansas

Staying in the mountains isn’t only about the high places and slopes. One of the best places to visit includes the hot springs in Arkansas.

It’s the ideal spot for anyone who wants to soak and relax while being surrounded by nature. You even have access to hiking trails from there, so you can pass by while you rest from a hike.

As of writing, they still offer hot spring baths. Still, you might find a bathhouse or two that isn’t open to visitors who want to take a dip. If you’ll be visiting, it’s best to see if they’re open before making your stop.

7. Mammoth Lakes, California

Many people flock to Mammoth Lakes for its cross-country skiing paths and other snow activities, like tubing park and snowmobiling.

But what makes it one of the best mountain towns in the country is its stunning wild beauty. You get a great view of mountain peaks, alpine lakes, and even waterfalls. Some even argue it’s better to visit during the summer to really take in those sights.

It’s also close to other national parks worth visiting, so it’s just as fun to visit during warm weather with all the activities surrounding it.

8. Big Sky, Montana

Big Sky is one of the country’s largest ski resorts, so of course it has to be on this list, but it’s also one of the best mountain getaways. It’s like a never-ending trail of fun.

Besides skiing, you can also go ice skating, snowmobiling, dog sledding, and sleighing. If you’re there during the summer, try horseback riding, whitewater rafting, or even golfing.

So, despite being known for ski activities, other people prefer to visit the destination for its dry season endeavors.

9. Taos, New Mexico

Not many people would think of New Mexico when it comes to vacation spots in the mountains, but Taos can change that.

You get to experience snow, mountains, and summer activities all in one place. A couple of those to note are trekking with llamas and hot air balloon rides. Besides that, you get a taste of Mexican and Native American culture too.

Another interesting thing about the town is that it has historic adobe buildings called Taos Pueblo. It’s said to be the only Native American community that is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and national historic landmark.

Note it can get quite hot during the height of summer, but that makes it even more fun to get into the waters!

10. Park City, Utah

Park City isn’t an unfamiliar name for many but it’s still such a great place to go for a mountain vacation. One of the best parts is the historic towns, shopping variety, and scenic eateries.

It also has a colorful history, so you could find bits and pieces of it around the town. That includes a past for the Olympics and historical breakthroughs, like silver mining.

You might even catch Park City’s special events, like the Sundance Film Festival or the Kimball Arts Festival. Those are only a few among many more!

11. Jackson, Wyoming

Ever thought of checking out two parks on a single trip? If so, Jackson is the vacation spot of your dreams.

It sits close to Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park, next to all the mountains surrounding it. You can ski during the cold season, and cool yourself at the parks when summer hits.

Other activities at Jackson include fishing, rafting, ranching, and lots more. You could say it’s a spot made for anyone to enjoy.

12. Asheville, North Carolina

If you want a picturesque view of the city from the mountains, Asheville has exactly what you mean. It’s the ideal spot for vibrant city art scenes tied together with a view of the mountains.

You can either hike if you’re in for some thrill or stroll through their galleries and boutiques for something calmer.

13. Leavenworth, Washington

They say Leavenworth is the place to go if you want to visit Germany without leaving the country. The town specializes in German specialties, from their cuisine to their culture!

When you ask others for a European-like destination, you’re likely going to hear Leavenworth as one of the choices.

The food and fun will surely make you feel like you’re out of the country. They even celebrate German festivities, including the Autumn Leaf Festival, Maifest, and the popular Oktoberfest.

All those tied together make it the ideal Bavarian village.

Check Out These Dream Vacation Spots in the Mountains!

There are lots of dream vacation spots out there. While it usually depends on your preference, most of these places have something special to offer. So, you never really run out of new experiences and unique sights.

If you want to find the best spot for a vacation in the mountains, all it takes is some research. But when you know the top destinations, helps you narrow down your options even more.

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